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Frozen was a captivating watch, but it was the surprising soundtrack that won people over and is still talked about to this day. The value it had and the overall quality across the songs was something that has not been seen for a long time and might never be seen for a while too.

Let’s take a look at what these songs were all about that became major hits and took the world by storm. This overview is going to provide a bit of information on all of the songs to give a bit of insight on what they were about.

Let It Go

This is a classic. The one right at the top of the chart. It had covers done on it and stars were singing it for months. Let It Go is one of those songs that catches the heart like nothing else could. This song about freedom with Menzel’s vocals is something that might never be forgotten.

Download Let It Go Sheet Music for Piano.

Fixer Upper

For some, this is the best song in the album. A trollish number that really caught on with one and all. It has the classic Disney feel to it with the ‘happy go lucky’ tune and truly resonates.

In Summer

The next track comes in the form of this one and it is a beauty as well. Josh Gad’s vibrato is fantastic and truly shines through with this piece. It is Olaf’s big song and it does the job.

Love Is An Open Door

Anna and Hans have their own song and it is wonderful. The romance is in the air with this one. It is a peppy number and moves away from the melancholic feel of the rest.

Download Love Is An Open Door Sheet Music for Piano.

For The First Time In Forever

Bell and Menzel put on quite the vocal show with this piece. The optimism in this song is breathtaking and it is truly shown by Bell. Menzel wraps up the piece with her own add to the song and it takes off immensely well.

Download For The First Time In Forever sheet music for piano.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

This song is touching. A wonderful song that is pleading a sister to come out and play. A sad song that truly provides the viewer a look into the emotions going through her mind at the time.

Download Do You Want To Build A Snowman sheet music for piano.

For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)

This is another version of the song that has touched the hearts of many. Once again Bell and Menzel do a great job of carrying this song. It does a wonderful job of showing the confrontation between the sisters.

Frozen Heart

The song is at the start of the movie and is a great number. There is something encapsulating about the song and it touches the heart. The background noises are wonderful and add to the foreshadowing nature of the piece.

Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People

Groff puts on a show even if it is for a few seconds. It is quite magical to see him go and sing another song of this nature. It is wonderful and really does capture the emotions of the moment.