Do You Want To Build A Snowman

frozen piano music bookdownload-pdfThis is a song from the 2013 Disney animated feature film called Frozen. The music composition was originally done by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez who have received various accreditations for their contribution to the movieís success. In the animated movie, the song is performed by Agatha Lee Monn, Katie Lopez, and Kristen Bell. All of them have played the role of Princess Anna at different ages in the movie.

frozen do you want to build a snowman piano sheet musicThe song is first encountered at the beginning of the film when Elsa is locked away in her room. Her loving parents have done so in fear that she might lose control of her powers and hurt Anna. The two girls are kept apart throughout their childhood and early adulthood. After the death of their parents, Anna makes several attempts to get her sister out of her ëcellí but she doesnít succeed in doing so.

Initially, when the song was first being proposed to the people at Disney, the reception was not good. The film directors cited too much exposition and the somber mood characteristic of the song as the primary reasons for their distaste in the song. However, the song was put back after it was well received by the staff. The studio employees simply couldnít get enough of it and as a result they demanded that it stays in the film.

The development of the film saw Lopez travel to LA to work in person with the production crew. There were slight issues about the song that needed fixing. Case in point is where they had to work through how Anna and Elsa sounded like when singing the song. The montage scenes to the song were added by Christophe Beck, the writer of the filmís score.

After the release of the film, another version of the song that seemed to suggest that a reprise should have been included at the climax of the film (when Elsa comes to the realization that Anna is frozen) was uploaded by a fan. Surprisingly, this clip was received very well forcing Lopez to admit that the reprise would have befitted the film if it wouldnít give rise to other adjustments.

Although the second video of the song drew a lot of criticism for the work that was done in producing the film, Jennifer Lee was quick to defend the plot of the film in an interview. When asked to give his opinion on the use or omission of the song at the dying stages of the film, he explained that according to Chris Montan, Disney music producer, tradition in Disney animated musicals dictates that no songs should be included after the second act of the film. Chris Montan has worked on several Disney and Pixar movies making his opinion on the matter priceless.

In spite of what the critics had to say, the song fits perfectly in the plot just as it is presented. In fact, Kyle Smith of The New York Post has dubbed the song a “classic” while USA Today termed it a “lovely number.”

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