For The First Time In Forever

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This is another song from the 2013 Disney’s animated feature film Frozen. The original composition was done by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez although a reprise was also done and included in the film. The two versions of the song were sung by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel who play the roles of the two sisters Princess Anna and Queen Elsa respectively.

frozen for the first time in forever sheet music piano

The song was composed in June, 2013 which is relatively late considering the scheduled release date of the film which was set for November the same year. The filmmakers had realized in February that the plot of the film wasnít working out as they had expected. This discovery prompted the filmmakers to request the duo (Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez) to compose another song for the film.

And that is basically how the original version of the song can be created. However, the original version contained a rather controversial line that had to be removed. The line ìI hope that I donít vomit in his faceî was fashionably changed to ìI wanna stuff some chocolate in my faceî due to the unacceptable reference to body fluids. The reprise was not without its fair share of confrontational lyrics.

Case in point is in the scene where Anna is strike by Elsaís powers. The confrontation lyric is entitled ìLifeís Too Shortî which is a premise being used to infer that life isnít that long to waste it with people who donít understand you. This however comes to pass when the two sisters come to the realization that life is passing them by and yet they remain separated from each other.

As the characters of the two girls develop and evolve, this song was deemed too vindictive requiring its replacement with the reprise which was largely included to create a motif. The original song though, survives as a demo track on the deluxe edition of the movieís soundtrack. When she was informed of the need for a reprise, Anderson-Lopez composed it in a matter of minutes before pitching it to the Disney production team on her own.

The original version of the song reveals Annaís naÔve optimism and happiness when she was preparing for her sisterís coronation. In the third verse of the song, Elsa sings a counterpoint melody expressing her fears about revealing her true ice powers. She also reveals that she is pretty much scared of just what might be lurking behind the closed gates.

During her solo she practices her role in the coronation while standing on a box with a candlestick in her hands. She orders the guards to open the gates allowing Anna to joyfully wander into the town against the inflow of guests. However, the song is cut abruptly when Anna crashes into Hansís horse. She subsequently falls into a rowboat. The original song in this scene always goes half-a-step higher with each verse from F major and going all the way to G major in the finale.

In conclusion, the two versions of the song have received very positive reviews.

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