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About The Song

Frozen’s main song and the one that has captured the attention of millions to this day would come in the form of ‘Let it Go’. A song that was wonderful and truly captured what the emotions were for Elsa as she gained a bit of freedom and came into her own. It brings the emotions to life and that is what a good song is supposed to do in a Disney movie. This moment truly hit home and people fell in love with the song. It is one of those songs that is going to remain a classic for many years to come.

Tony-winning Vocals

Let’s begin with Menzel and what she brought to the table with this song. Disney reeled her in because it was a no-brainer. The vocals on her are impressive and truly fitting for a song of this nature. There might not have been anyone better.

The covers that have been done afterwards could not even do justice to the original. It was simply that good.

She is a Tony-winning artist who is only going to continue to grow leaps and bounds as time goes on. This starting point alone brought the song to life as she is a great vocalist.

Elsa’s Freedom

One of the main reasons why this song was able to better resonate with the audience and truly became a superhit had to do with the scene(s) in the film. It was Elsa’s moment to simply run away and enjoy her own life without having to fret over anything else.

She was able to simply showcase who she was in this open land and that was what she had always wanted.

This emotional upsurge was something the song had to show and for some this might have been the best scene in the movie. Add in a great song, and it simply took off.

First Song Written

Robert and Kristen Lopez knew this was a song they had to write down. This was the first one they decided to pen because of its importance.

They had not imagined Elsa to be the girl she would become and the song was still put together to reflect the emotions she would feel.

It is a powerful song and one they will certainly be proud of at this point in time. All they had to work with was to show Elsa as a person who was being a ‘badass’ as they stated, but in the end they created this masterpiece.

There will be many songs that are going to come and go as time goes on, but there are some that just seem to stick in the minds of all. This is one of those songs and Menzel is going to be appreciated for her vocals in this song. She has truly put forth one of those performances that are going to be remembered for a long time to come. Even she might not be able to top what she brought to the table here with her fantastic voice. It is one truly brilliant.

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