Love Is An Open Door

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download-pdfThe song “Love Is an Open Door” was written by real-life sweethearts Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. This romantic duet was especially created for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated film Frozen, which hit the cinemas in the year 2013.

The song was released on November 25, 2013 and was distributed by Wonderland Music Company.

The Voices Behind The Song

“Love Is an Open Door” was originally sung by American stage actor-composer Santino Fontana and American actress-singer Kristen Bell as Frozenís Prince Hans of the Southern Isles and Princess Anna of Arendelle respectively.
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In The Film

Princess Anna and Princeís Hans duet of “Love Is an Open Door” took place during the first sequence of the film, when Anna happens to meet Prince Hans during her sister Elsa’s coronation.

ìLove Is an Open Doorî opens with Princess Anna explaining to Prince Hans her blues after being shut out from her beloved sister Elsa for years. Hans promised Anna that he will never shut her out. This made Anna admire Hans in an instant. As the night deepens, Anna and Hans share each otherís thoughts.

Eventually, they found out that they have so much in common. At the end of the night, Hans proposes to Anna, asking for Annaís hands. Anna, believing the princeís kind words, accepts the offer.

The Story Behind The Song

Lopez and Anderson-Lopez admitted that they have intended the song to “feel like the perfect first date.” So ìLove Is an Open Doorî was put into words as a deceptive love duet sung by Princess Anna with Prince Hans.

ìLove Is an Open Doorî is actually a combination of a romantic duet and a villain song. The idea came into realization when the writers of the film made up their mind to turn Elsa into a tragic, heartbreaking heroine rather than a scoundrel. This left the door open for Prince Hans to become the bad guy in the film.

Further, the first song recorded for the film entitled “You’re You,” has been cut out from the film. This is because Hans disrupted Anna during the course of the song, an obvious gesture and a possible sign that gentleman, nice guy Prince Hans is the villain in the film after all. If the audiences find this out very soon, there will be no twist to the film later.

Good Feedbacks

ìLove Is an Open Doorî received a lot of good feedbacks after being heard in the film. According to Geek Exchange, the song was a funny assessment of the foolishness of love at first sight.” In addition, Rotoscopers described the song as eccentric and a little cheesy.


Due to Frozenís popularity even in other countries, the song was translated into several other languages. The Japanese version of the song entitled “Tobira Akete,” performed by Eisuke Tsuda and Sayaka Kanda, landed a spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 in 2014. Further, the Korean version, sung by Yun Seong-guk and Park Ji-yoon placed on the Gaon Singles Chart.

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