Download Tangled Sheet Music for Piano

tangled piano music book

Looking for sheet music from Disney’s Tangled? If so you’ve come to the right place. Here at disneypianosheetmusic.com we have access to great piano arrangements of all of your favorite tangled songs.

Take a look at the list below, or click here to see the full list of arrangements available for download!

When Will My Life Begin Piano Arrangement

When Will My Life Begin is easily the most famous and most popular song in the entire Tangled movie. It’s a great opener for the film and has a catchy melody and interesting accompaniment part that’s incredibly fun to play.

Even though this song is originally a guitar piece in the movie, there are actually several great piano arrangements available, both for solo piano or piano and voice.

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I See The Light

I See The Light is a slower, easier song to play and is appropriate for piano students of all levels. The sentimental and hopeful feel of the song translates into a great experience for players of any age or skill level!

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I’ve Got A Dream

I’ve Got A Dream is personally one of my favorite songs from Tangled. Set in the tavern and played by a pianist with a hook for a hand, it’s a funny and light piece to play, and is a great tune to have at your fingertips to bring a smile to any occasion.

Click here to download, or read more about the I’ve Got A Dream sheet music.

Top 5 Songs from Disney’s Tangled

Whether or not you are a fan of Disney, there is no mistaking their popularity, particularly when it comes to animated musicals like the incredibly popular 2010 flick Tangled. If you have not yet seen this film, which is loosely based on the classic tale Rapunzel.

However, the giant Disney choose to change the name to create a more gender-neutral title for the film. This was a successful decision on their part as the movie became an instant sensation, in part also due to the great marketing and social media communications among fans.

The songs associated with this film help with the story that begins with a beautiful ray of sunshine turning into a golden flower. This little flower could cure illnesses and turn around decay as well as heal injuries. The soldiers of the land of Corona took the flower from Mother Gothel, who had depended on the flower to keep her youth.

However, the queen was ill and needed it in order to be healed. The soldiers gift of the flower not only helped her to regain her health but enabled her to give birth to a healthy baby girl. The magical powers associated with the flower were transferred to the infant and gave her hair an amazing glow. Her name was still Rapunzel, keeping in line with the original on which the story is based.

The former owner of the flower attempted to cut a lock of hair from the girl in order to regain some of the magic that had kept her youthful in the past. However, once the hair has been removed from the girl all of the healing powers in it are lost. As a result, she decided to take the infant and raise her as her own.

The entire kingdom mourned the loss of the girl and each year her parents release a gorgeous display of sky lanterns over the land. Although they hoped that she would return, year after year passed without the arrival of their daughter.

Years later, when the girl approached her eighteenth birthday, she sought out the source of the lanterns she saw each year. But the new mother refused, warning her that the world outside of their tower was an evil place filled with dangerous people who would harm her if she were found wandering the forest alone.

Undeterred, the girl decides to leave anyway and encounters many adventures along the way. She tricks her adopted mother into going on a task that will keep her away for a few days. Long enough Rapunzel hoped for her to find out the origin of the lanterns.

The story continues with many musical numbers from the soldiers and the young woman as well as a suitor who is quite enamored with her. In classic Disney style, the princess and the young man make a love connection and live happily ever after at the conclusion of the tale.

Tangled is a fun animated musical suitable for everyone.