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download-pdfIf you have ever seen the movie Tangled from Disney, you know how wonderful this movie is and how popular it has become. It is a world wide sensation, a story based upon a relationship between two sisters, one of which has magical powers. During the movie, as is common with many Disney movies, there are multiple songs that are sung from beginning to end. One of the more popular ones was called I C The Light which is the focus of this article.

tangled i see the light piano sheet musicThis is a movie that was originally conceived by an individual called Glen Keane. The story is set in a make-believe magical land in which there is a magical flower that can heal people, leading to the kidnapping of Rapunzel in the kingdom of Corona by her mother Gother. The story precedes, much as the fairytale does, with Rapunzel wanting to descend on her eighteenth birthday, during which Rapunzel and Flynn develop a relationship. Followed by the evil leader of the soldiers Maximus, they are chased, and almost captured, during which time she gives Flynn a crown. The end of the story comes when Flynn, whose real name is Eugene, cuts her hair, thus destroying the magic that she has. Eugene actually dies but is restored with a tear from Rapunzel, leading to their eventual marriage.

I See The Light Song for Piano

This song was actually written by a person by the name of Alan Menken, and was sung by pop star Mandy Moore. It is a song that represents a love song, specifically between two characters called Rapunzel and Flynn, and is the seventh song that was recorded on the album. Although this was the favorite song for those that did the movie, it received mixed reception, with the exception of the visual lantern sequence which was beautifully animated. The main complaint that people have is its similarity to another Disney movie The Little Mermaid, as well as the movie Aladdin, which follow similar musical sequences which makes sense because Menken also composed both of those.

Why It Is Unique

The reason that this song is unique, which is something that many claimed that it was not due to its similarity to other songs that Menken has created, is that it is more of a folk song, one designed to set the mood in a way that greatly differs from both previously mentioned Disney movies. It is also representative of this magical relationship of romance and intrigue that captivates the audience that watches Rapunzel and Flynn interact together throughout. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind song, despite similarities, based upon not only the reception that it received both officially and from the public, but how children all over the world will happily sing along.

This song has won many awards including best original song written for visual media, a Grammy Award of which Disney and the creators of the movie are very proud. It is also the winner of the Las Vegas film critics award for best song, and has since been covered by many people that enjoy this tune which is representative of the love between two people, specifically Flynn and Rapunzel in their magical world.

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