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download-pdfIf you have ever seen numerous Disney movies with your children, it is likely that one of their favorites is a movie called Tangled. It is a movie that is loosely based upon the story of Rapunzel, the girl in the tower with the long flowing hair who possessed magical properties.

tangled ive got a dream sheet music pianoDisney created this movie several years ago, a story about Rapunzel being found by the protagonist Flynn. They go through a series of adventures including her being rescued from the tower and then eventually getting married. Several songs were created for the movie and one of those was called ‘I’ve Got A Dream’ which was written by composer Alan Menken. Let’s look at what this song is about, who sung it, and any awards that it was nominated for.

Synopsis Of Tangled

The story is set in the past several hundred years ago where a mother by the name of Gothel has a girl named Rapunzel. She is incest with retaining her youth, and a flower is used to heal her, subsequently leading to the birth of Princess Rapunzel. During her attempts to relocate this flower, she discovers that her daughter has hair which has magical properties. She also discovered that cutting her hair would actually eliminate the power that it held, so decides to keep her daughter locked up in a tower. This later leads to the protagonist Flynn Rider finding her and subsequently helping her escape. The story ends with Flynn nearly dying, save for a tear that Rapunzel uses to restore him after her hair has been cut to a much shorter length leading to their marriage.

Conception Of the Movie

This movie was actually started over a decade before its release, and went through subsequent changes including a different title for the movie, and various changes in the animation of the film. Many people in charge of the movie came and went, leading to the final version that was seen at the movies. The production of the film, and the recording, maintained a good schedule, although it was one of the more expensive Disney movies ever made. At a cost of $260 million to produce, it is one of the few movies that used as many as 50 Disney CGI artists, as well as traditional animators, to create the movie that ended up being the final version. CGI was also used in the development of the three-dimensional version, using subsurface scattering to create much more humanlike characters. At the box office, it earned less than the cost of production of only $200 million, but scored excellent profits worldwide taking in almost double that amount. As far as the critics, it received primarily positive reviews and though not regarded as one of the greatest Disney movies, is definitely one of their best. One of the highlights of the movie was the song I’ve Got A Dream which was also composed by Alan Menken.

About I’ve Got A Dream Piano Music

This song was unique in that it was performed by what would be referred to in the movie as pub dwellers, individuals that were actually intimidating to both Flynn and Rapunzel. The song itself is based around the idea that these criminals are simply misunderstood and are not literally sucks. Remembered as the silly barbarian song, it is one of the favorite sinus with children that watch the show. Although it is not at the same level as the other songs that were sung including the fan favorite I See The Light, is definitely one of the best of the 20 songs on the soundtrack that are heard during the movie.

This song is one of many excellent ones that were crafted by Menken, and clearly shows that he still has the ability to produce excellent songs as he did for The Little Mermaid and Aladdin decades ago. If you have children, they will definitely love this movie which is innovative, and also portrays an excellent rendition of the story of Rapunzel that most people have heard in their youth.

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