When Will My Life Begin

When Will My Life Begin: Piano Sheet Music

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download-pdfThe song When Will My Life Begin is the title song for Rapunzel in the 2010 Disney animated film Tangled. This particular songís lyrics are by Glenn Slater and composed by Alan Menken. This song is sung by Mandy Moore who plays Rapunzel in the movie including the reprises. However, the 1st reprise is on the Tangled soundtrack and not featured in the film.

tangled when will my life begin sheet music pianoWhen Will My Life Begin describes a bored Rapunzel who is forced to stay in her tower and how she repeats the same thing day in and day out. In the movie this song is featured while Rapunzel is doing her daily chores and could very well be called the ìWorking Songî.

The song is later reprised when she is allowed out from her tower the first-time. This short reprise is about Rapunzel reiterating her personal situation as she reasons that she has the love of her mother and she has everything she may want, was cut out from the finalized movie, but still included in the Tangled soundtrack.

ìWhen Will My Life Beginî is the very first song that was produced and written for the movie Tangled. The producer Alan Menken explains that the song was devised within the guitar-themed-score constraints of the chosen-genre. He goes on to say that when he thought about Rapunzel trapped in her tower with her very long hair, he thought about specific folk music from the era of the 60s like Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne and went onto write around 6 versions for this opening number before deciding on the best one.

Menken also states that the context related to the structure of the music the plot had to move forward by beginning with Rapunzel stating that everything is perfect in her tower and then ending with ìWhen Will My Life Begin?î

The Blu-ray disc for Tangled features this song in extended versions along with ìMother Knows Bestî that include animatic renderings for the unfinished-animation. The original version features a prologue where Rapunzel sings on how she had already spent 6000 hours locked in this monotonous life and the fact that her 18th birthday would occur in 24 hours.

Used as the opening tune, the song is all about the amount of things that Rapunzel completes throughout each day. However, what she really craves is to be outside of her tower and for adventure. Rapunzel has been hoping and dreaming for her whole life about venturing out of her prison and to see for herself the floating lights that appear in the sky every time her birthday comes around. However, to take this step she would have to face the unknown and dangerous world.

The tempo of the song is explained as moderately fast and this specific genre is explained as ìrock.î The guitar use and the parallels used to blend the new with the old, create an extremely interesting result. The songs sung by Rapunzel have a youthful feel as well as exuberance.

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