The Lion King

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Top 5 Songs from Disney’s The Lion King

When you start to watch “The Lion King”, you’re in for a time of fun and heartwarming drama. This story, which follows the life of the lion cub Simba, is an exciting one, not just because of the plot that many people can relate to, but because of the great songs in the film.

The songs in the film are all written by pop superstar Elton John in collaboration with Tim Rice. The songs represent different emotions felt by different characters in the film, and each feels right in step with the African savannah where the story is to take place. Here are 5 of the songs in “The Lion King” that are fantastic, fun and easy to sing over and over.

Circle of Life

The arresting “Circle of Life” is the song that opens the film. A chorus of African words is chanted as the viewer starts to see gorgeous animation of animals and nature. The chorus fades out so that the voice of a single female can rise. She sings about the ‘circle of life’ that all living beings belong to. As the song progresses, the visuals show the unveiling of the lion cub prince to all the animals in the savannah. After the last chorus, the screen turns black to play the title card.

Overall, the feeling of this song is one of hope and power.

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

This song is done from the perspective of a child Simba as he tells Nala about all the things he will do when he is king someday. This is a colorful and lively song, paired with bright and colorful images onscreen.

Hakuna Matata

Simba meets up with Pumba and Timon after he leaves his home, and to cheer him up, they sing the “Hakuna Matata”. This phrase is translated to mean “no worries”, and the two animals explain that that this phrase is their life philosophy. There is a sequence where Simba ages as the song continues, showing that he adopts that philosophy as he grows into an adult.

Be Prepared

This song, in the film performed by Simba’s evil uncle Scar and the hyenas, details how they want to take the kingdom away from Simba’s father Mufasa. The hyena army that Scar has enlisted to help him dance around a fire, and their shadows are menacing and go with the snarling singing voice of Scar.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

This song is played after Simba returns to his boyhood home and finds that his feelings for his childhood friend Nala have turned romantic. They spend time together as this song plays over the visuals.

While this song,”Hakuna Matata” and “Circle of Life” were all three nominated for Oscars, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was the song that took home the Best Song Oscar.

Now that you know more about the songs in the film, hopefully that will help you to have a deeper understanding of why they are so popular and such an integral part of what is happening in the movie. Gather the whole family and start watching “The Lion King” and singing along with all the songs–it will be a great bonding time and you’ll enjoy it as much as the kids do.