Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Piano Sheet Music

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download-pdfIf you have never heard of the tune “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Disney’s “The Lion King”, you are missing out on a real treat. This song is so highly-regarded that it actually won an Oscar in the category of Best Song.

the lion king can you feel the love tonight sheet music pianoThe song was co-written by the legendary Elton John and his friend Tim Rice for the film. Disney contacted Tim Rice to write the lyrics for all the songs in the film and asked him for names of people who he thought could write the music. He says that he asked for Elton John right away but never imagined that he would consent.

Elton John, for his part, had never done work for animation before, and was intrigued by the idea that his work could reach an entirely new audience. He accepted the invitation and the two began working on the songs together.

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” occurs during a very important sequence in the film. At this point, the title character, Simba, is rediscovering his boyhood home. In particular, his old friend Nala begins to catch his eye and he realizes that he is falling in love with her. The song begins and ends with his new friends, Timon and Pumba, realizing that Simba’s relationship with Nala and the lions as a whole may mean the end of their own friendship with the young lion.

The song’s chorus references kings and vagabonds, two drastically different kinds of people, to describe how all people believe the best and can feel deep feelings of love. The song describes the freeing and peaceful qualities of love between two people, or in this case, two lions.

Disney had suggested that Timon and Pumba sing the entire song, but Elton felt that it would become too comical, as Pumba and Timon were comic-relief characters. It was suggested that Simba and Nala sing the song, but because their relationship was so new, Disney rejected that, as they felt the characters would not be so self-aware about their love affair.

In the end, the bulk of the song is sung by an offscreen narrator figure. Nala and Simba sing a few lines, and Simba’s friends introduce and conclude the whole piece.

The result is a welcome heartwarming moment. The film, unlike most Disney films of the time, did not center on a princess who fell in love. Having this soothing, slow, romantic moment in the film allows for some downtime after all the heightened drama and rollicking plot in the rest of the film.

The song is also performed in the live stage version of “The Lion King” and is sung by two members of the chorus.

After reading more about this award-winning song, perhaps you will have a deeper affinity for it. Listen to it on the soundtrack or while watching the movie and try to feel the the love that the song describes. Play it for the entire family.

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