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download-pdfCircle Of Life is the song that opens the movie known as the Lion King. This song was nominated for an academy award in 1995. This songs plays in the prologue when the animals all gather around the area of Pride Rock in order to view the Simba, son to Sarabi and Mufasa. Simba is the cub that will one day succeed his father and become king to the Pride Lands. There is a reprise of this song right at the end part of the movie when animals once again meet around Pride Rock to see the newborn cub belonging to Nala and Simba.

the lion king circle of life sheet music piano

The Circle Of Life begins at the very start of The Lion King movie and progresses as different animal herds move through the Pride Lands to meet around Pride Rock. Rafiki meets Mufasa his friend and king of the Pride Lands along with his wife and mate Sarabi. After Rafiki blesses the newborn cub, he lifts him up so that all the animals are able to view the king of their future.


In the movies musical-adaptation, the first sequence has been altered in various ways. One of these changes is that Rafiki sings the song and is accompanied by various background singers that are dressed in distinctive or unusual costumes.

The Circle Of Life Piano Music

When the sun starts to rise, Rafiki begins the production by starting off the song while summoning the different animals for the presentation of Simba. After two verses, a representation associated with Pride Rock appears that carries the reigning rulers. This is Queen Sarabi and King Mufasa. As the song continues, Raifiki joins Sarabi and Mufasa in order to bless their prince before he is raised up in the air.

After the second Act, Simbaís family and friends acknowledge the estranged prince as their king. Rafiki then crowns Simba after his victory over Scar. He proceeds to give a loud and mighty roar that stretches across the kingdom and the animals return to recognize their king. Lionesses then appear and celebrate with the animals, while Rafiki hold the newborn cub belonging to Nala and Simba.

Disney Parks

The song ìcircle Of Lifeî is the main theme-song at Disneyís Animal Kingdom positioned at Walt Disney World Resort. Currently the Disney Epcot Park features a movie-type film that is called Circle Of Life An Environmental Fable.


ïCircle Of Life was first nominated in association with the Academy Award for the Best Original Song in the year 1995. But the nomination was lost to the song ìCan You Feel The Love Tonight.î

ïIn the original sequence of the ìCircle Of Lifeî had a dialogue, but once hearing the power of this music, the directors and filmmakers decided to leave this dialogue out.

ïThe first opening notes related to the ìCircle Of Lifeî is also heard in the movie Chicken Little, when the Buck Cluck is considering the possible introductions to this film.

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