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download-pdfOne of the most popular songs that has ever been recorded for a Disney movie is called Hakuna Matata. It is a song that was used on The Lion King. It is designed to represent a common catchphrase that was used by two characters in the movie by the name of Timon and Pumbaa, a phrase that seems to be an underlying theme throughout the movie. It is actually a phrase that is Swahili in origin, and it’s English definition means to have no worries. It has catchy lyrics, and an upbeat message that kids have loved for decades, and it has received quite a bit of positive critical reception.

the lion king hakuna matata sheet music pianoAll Disney movies have some basis in song, whether it is a classical score that is played by an orchestra, and for children’s movies, there are typically multiple songs that are delivered throughout the movie that are representative of the situations that the characters are in. Sometimes the songs are designed to set a particular mood, or perhaps focus the children on an important message that is conveyed in the movie. The Lion King is a movie about love, friendship, and also betrayal, exemplified by the relationship between the two adult lions Mufasa and Scar. Let’s look at how this song was received by audiences, both adults and children alike, and then what awards it was nominated for.

How It Was Received By Audiences

This song is actually a nominee for an Academy Award for the Best Song, but it did not win, losing out to another Lion King song called “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which was written by Tim Rice and was performed and sung by the famous Elton John, and is considered to be one of the top 100 best songs from American movies of all time. It has actually been used in many other popular culture references, even on a Seinfeld episode. It has been covered by many other artists including Debby Ryan and continues to be a song that people relate to Back Line King.

How It Originated

This song actually originated as something called the “Warthog Rhapsody” which did not have a name or title that was very appealing. This was actually a song in and of itself, but lost out to Hakuna Matata as the film was being made. During production, they wanted the meerkat Timon to sing a song to his friend Pumbaa who is the funny warthog met so many children love. It also allow them to provide a back story for Simba, and also provide a focus for why these two animals would decide to raise a lion cub.

This song continues to be one of the most remembered children’s favorites, primarily because of the catchy tune and also the message that it delivers. Additionally, the characters of Timone and Pumbaa have a very tight friendship, exemplifying what the song is all about. This is a movie that continues to be watched by kids all over the world, one that has a very strong message. The message that it presents is that good always prevails over evil, and that family and friends are what is most important in life.

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