The Little Mermaid

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The Top 5 Songs From The Little Mermaid Soundtrack

If youíre interested in learning more about the top five songs from Disneyís The Little Mermaid, then youíve come to the right place. In this guide, weíre going to give you an overview of the five most popular songs from this classic Disney movie, along with some additional background on each tune. With this in mind, letís get straight to the songs!

Kiss The Girl

Perhaps one of the most famous songs from the entire movie has to be ìkiss the girlî, which is a key memorable tune thatís hard to forget. This is also a classic singalong tune, and it doesnít take long for any true fan of the Little mermaid to sing this one at a momentís notice.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

This is a top theme song from the villainous Ursula, and also a highly memorable tune from the movie. Itís well known for its clever use of lyrical wizardry, and ultimately, this song sums up Ursulaís confidence and overall wickedness ñ which serves to illustrate her character well.

Under The Sea

Another playful song from the little mermaid has to be ìunder the seaî, which actually won an Oscar, too. Above all else, this is a very playful and fun song, and also features some playful lyrics that everybody loves to sing along to. Ultimately, this is one of the key favorite tunes from the entire movie, and for good reason.

Part Of Your World

This song is full of longing and desire, which serves to summarize the general plot of the movie, and itís another well-loved aspect of this timeless classic.

Interestingly, Jeffrey Katzenberg initially wanted to take the song out of the movie entirely after a poor response from initial previews, but fortunately, Glen Keane, a key animator of the movie, talked him out of it. Luckily for us all, Jeffrey Katzenberg was persuaded, and this song remained in the final cut.

Les Poissons

This playful song is undoubtedly a comic masterpiece and despite its overall brevity, itís another classic tune. While most people agree that this song doesnít quite have the same timeless appeal as others from the Little mermaid, itís certainly a memorable piece thatís difficult to forget.

In fact, many people find it difficult to get the tune out of their head after theyíve watched the movie a few times!


Overall, itís clear to see that Disneyís The Little Mermaid offers some fantastic tunes that are well loved by people young and old alike.

Regardless of whether youíre looking for a classic singalong tune such as ìUnder The Seaî, or whether youíre enthralled by the mournful longings of The Little Mermaid in the song ìpart of your worldî ñ there is something available for everyone here. In general, itís easy to understand why the soundtrack of this classic movie has managed to stand the test of time just as well as the original movie endured.