Kiss The Girl

Kiss The Girl Piano Sheet Music

download-pdfEveryone loves to hear and sing love songs, and arguably, no one does a love song better than Disney. In their film “The Little Mermaid”, the song that most captures your heart and makes you want to fall in love is the tune “Kiss the Girl”.

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the little mermaid kiss the girl sheet music piano“Kiss the Girl” is not just a song about love and kissing; it furthers a very important element of the plot. Ariel, the mermaid of the title, has lost her voice because of an evil sea witch and can only get it back if she is kissed.

Luckily, she has met the handsome Prince Eric and has fallen in love with him. However, of course, he doesn’t know that kissing her is not just something to do out of his feelings for her, but that if he doesn’t, it could have dire consequences for her life.

Sebastian, a crab who is a friend and protector of Ariel due to his position as advisor to Ariel’s father the king, works to encourage Eric to “kiss the girl”. In a scene that seems made for romance in a blue lagoon, Sebastian enlists the help of the sea life in the area to provide an atmosphere where a kiss is inevitable. To make sure this happens, he sings “Kiss the Girl”.

The song itself is about romance and how someone feels when they are in love and isn’t sure whether to kiss someone. In the song, Sebastian is sure to say that Ariel doesn’t say anything and cannot until Eric kisses her, but it doesn’t seem that Eric truly understands what that means. He knows she cannot talk, but he has no idea what is happening other than that he has feelings for the strange girl that washed up on the beach.

The splashy production of “kiss the Girl” is done with stunning visuals of Eric and Ariel in a boat on the lagoon, and the sea creatures in the scene perform acrobatics and make beautiful sounds to add to the ambiance. Sebastian, who already has a Caribbean island accent, sings the song against a calypso beat complete with the steel drum sound that reminds everyone of the islands. It’s never explained why the crab in the movie has such a beautiful, low singing voice, but you’ll certainly enjoy it.

“Kiss the Girl” is one of the most popular songs from “The Little Mermaid”. Whether you’re very young or very old, you can likely identify with the feelings that Sebastian sings about. The universal theme in the song is what makes it so popular, and it is also what helps it stand the test of time in the years since the film was released.

The best way to get a look at this gorgeous song is to take some time out and watch “The Little Mermaid” in its entirety. However, you’ll also be able to follow along and enjoy the song on its own if you listen to the film’s soundtrack.

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