Part Of Your World

Part of Your World Piano Sheet Music

download-pdfOne of the best movies that Disney has ever created, if not the best animated feature-length movie, is Disney’s rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. This came out in 1989, written and produced by John Musker, and directed by Ron Clements. It is the story of a young mermaid who is the daughter of King Triton who is a bit of a rebel. She is obsessed with humans, those that travel on ships up above the water, and she ends up falling in love with a prince.

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the little mermaid part of your world sheet music pianoShe works a deal with Ursula, and evil sea witch, that creates an offer that you cannot refuse. In exchange for giving her legs and the ability to breathe on land like a human, she simply has to trade the legs for her voice. Unbeknownst to the Little mermaid, whose name is Arial, Ursula is trying to steal her voice and ultimately subdue King Triton. The movie ends with the Little Mermaid regaining her voice at sunset, and living happily ever after with Prince Eric, one of the best fairytale stories ever. There is one song that is sung during the movie which is arguably the best of the soundtrack, a song called ‘Part Of Your World’. Here is a brief overview of the creation of this classic movie, a few of the songs that were on the soundtrack during the movie, and why this particular song may actually be the best one.

Story Development And Animation

Although a synopsis of this movie has already been presented, there are many underlying themes that are recognized by most people that have seen the movie at least once. It is a movie about the transition of a young girl, one that once something more than the life that she sees as being set in stone by her father, a story of rebellion and personal growth. It is a movie that also shows the power of determination, and how we all long for something new. In this case, Arial is able to strike a bargain with Ursula, and despite how everything almost comes to an end, it is the power of love, and also the devotion of her friends Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle that makes it possible for her to outwit this sea witch and achieve her hopes and dreams. The song of that showcases this more than any of the others that are sung is ‘Part Of Your World’, a song that is about the transition that is to come.

Part Of Your World Piano Music

This song was composed by Alan Menken, and was performed vocally by singer and actress Jodi Benson. It is the song in which you learn how passionate Arial is about her hopes and dreams, and is done in a very theatrical way, similar to what you would see on stage at a Broadway musical. Despite other songs having received nominations such as ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Kiss the Girl’, it is actually one of the most catchy and memorable songs throughout the entire movie because of the passion that is built into the words and the vocals that makes it memorable even decades after the film was released.

If you have never seen The Little Mermaid before, this is the song that will truly inspire you to keep watching the movie. You will know that this little mermaid is on her way to a great adventure, and adventure that does not disappoint. Arguably the best movie that Disney has ever created, it is a must see if you have children. They will fall in love with Arial, and all of her friends and family, a movie that was an instant classic.

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